Food Market

Food marketing can be defined as the various activities which takes place within the food system among the producers on the farm and the consumers The marketing system performs the services which are required to move food from the producer to the consumer.

Food products frequently comprise of the general marketing methods and procedures applied to the marketing of other varieties of goods and services. Food marketers should consider various issues which can affect the structure of a population.  For example, in some countries, a huge proportion of the population is concentrated among younger generations.  In countries like Korea, China, and Taiwan, this has assisted to stimulate the economic growth, whereas in certain inferior countries, it puts pressures on society to put up an increasing number of people on a fixed amount of land. 

In food marketing, areas such as test marketing, segmentation, branding, targeting, consumer research, and market   strategy are highly relevant. It also includes food processing, wholesaling, retailing, food service and transport. In addition, food marketing includes dealing with a unpreserved product whose superiority and availability varies as a function of current yield conditions. 

  • Food processing through sponsorship
  • Food marketing orientation
  • Food market segmentation
  • Marketing mix
  • Food service

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